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What is GOURMET?

Gourmet means quality. Quality is the operating term that qualifies the product to be called gourmet. Food that is over produced with tiredingredients, overwhelming flavors and overdone fancy packaging is not truly gourmet, it is just expensive. All of our products are the highest quality and truly gourmet. The ingredients are fresh, natural and/or organic combined and cooked properly, with respect for the integrity of the natural flavors.     Try them and you'll taste the difference.

SEAFOOD Broiled Garlic Shrimp Au Gratin Grouper With a Twist Baked Sea Bass Peach Habañero Salmon Spiced Peanuty Seafood Sauce

Note: You do not have to use hot sauce in these recipes if you have small children.

The sauces taste even better in the recipe if placed in after it's cooked or prepared. Just remove your child's portion first!

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