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Doc's Gourmet Sauces make great gifts for Epicures & Aficionados, family and friends!

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Combo Cases & NEW Combo 1/2 CASES!


Hot Sauces from Red to Hot Mustard, fruity Peach Sauces and Hot BBQ Sauces, you're sure to find something to satisfy your needs.


Remember our Spiced nuts for those special occasions or just a great snack!

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Doc's wooden gift basket is available for you to fill with your favorite saucest.  Great for gifts and  holding all your favorite Doc's sauces in use or to display.  

Keep all sauces in a cool dry place at all times.

Refrigerate After Opening!

Doc's Sauces are awesomely great and

Some are extremely 



for Any Occasion!

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Hot & Wild Guacamole.
WoodBasketnew sauces
More My Speed 1
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Engraved Crate
Mean Green
Garlic Rush
Spinach Pizza

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to choose from some

of the tastiest sauces

in the world

Doc's Gourmet Hot Sauces-Individual hot sauces will suit everyone's love for  gourmet hot sauce that you know!  Review the site from Sauces, Combo Sauces, Recipes, Links, etc. You are sure to find that perfect Gift for even the most difficult to please...Doc's Sauces range from Medium to the Hottest we have available...Enjoy!!!

Elegant Title

The Best Tasting

Hot Sauce in The World!

Doc's (and the Mrs's) Sauces are by far the best hot sauces in the world.  We use a variety of fresh, hot peppers and ingredients that tantalize your taste buds!  Try them and we know you'll agree. 

Mrs. Doc's Sauces are what we call "a CELEBRATION

of the MOUTH" 

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The Flavors of our sauces will imprint themselves upon your olfactory senses long after your meal ends....


Warning! sauces may tantalize your tastebuds, be addicting and

set you on

F I R E!!!

Doc's Firey Hot Gourmet Sauces

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