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Doc & Mrs Doc

More than 30 years in the profession of Prosthetics and Orthotics, providing limbs for people and enhancing their ability to function and return to normal lifestyles, has allowed Doc to taste hot sauces from all over the country.


His compassion for people is absolutely second to none and he is known for his patience and care. Hence the name DOC was used often. This same enthusiasm and zeal for his profession has been the driving force for providing people with the most "delectably palatable" hot sauce enjoyed internationally.


For many years he searched the marketplaces for the most excellent hot sauces, but was never quite satisfied. It seemed like the only thing to do was to produce his own hot sauce recipes. That's where the Mrs. came in.


The success of any endeavor must begin with a solid foundation. Our Organic peppers are grown locally on the ranch. The remaining ingredients are all natural which provide the phenomenal Taste, Heat, Texture, Color, Aroma and After Burn. We strive to create superior sauces that enhance any food group. Compare them with others. We will continue to provide organically based and natural products.


Doc's Gourmet hot sauces are not the least expensive in the marketplace, but no-one would sell gold at aluminum prices.


Doc is an epicure when it comes to hot sauce. The Ruach ha-Qodesh has inspired them and driven their passion to develop the perfect combination of flavors

Doc embellishes all foods with these sauces, because they enhance and heighten the flavors. He has influenced Mrs. Doc in the same direction.


It is very interesting to observe Doc while eating as it generates many conversations in restaurants, deli's or wherever they might dine. He loves sharing the hot sauces with Chef's, Servers, Hosts, Managers and Owners of all establishments. It's especially satisfying to see their reactions, facial expressions and to listen to their comments after tasting the gourmet hot sauces.


A huge thank you to all who have helped Doc and Mrs. Doc achieve their dream of providing the finest hot sauces on the market. Doc's best friend-Mrs. Doc, and closest friends Skip in Memphis, TN who introduced him to hot peppers in college, and Smitty in Hubbard, OH who tricked him in the garden one day to eat what he thought was a moderately hot pepper. NOT! He then encouraged Doc to produce his first batch of hot mustard sauce.


We know you will enjoy sharing these fine products with family, friends, and strangers. The sauces are habit forming to all who truly appreciate the five qualities of hot sauce.


Remember, some of this hot sauce is not for sissies! Make sure you buy the right one or you may end up with a tail-burning sensation!


God bless America,

Doc's Customer Support Team

Our mission is to provide exemplary authentic Hot Sauces which embellish the flavor of all food groups and are not influenced by any mouth burning, tongue torturing, tasteless prevailing sauces.


We strive to buy fresh sourced ingredients from local markets and farms that are organically grown, providing the best tasting sauces.

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