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"The Habanero Heaven was a huge hit at my Dad’s birthday party last night! We will definitely be ordering more very soon! Thanks! Jaimee."

Jaimee O., Memphis, TN"

Doc,Thanks for the Spicy Island Jalapeno... Tried it on a turkey burger this evening. Good Stuff! Rand, Memphis, TN

"Doc's sauces are Excellent!" Aaron, former manager at Buckley's Fine Filet Grill Restaurant, Memphis, TN

Controlled Volcanic Explosion.


        Leonard Perez, GA

"Doc's sauces are good in Espresso, I just want to eat more because it tastes so good.

" Uncle Virgil, Girard, OH

Doc's Habanero Mash is Fantastic! It's the best I've ever had in my life. Habanero Epicure, Aaron, one of the managers of

Bonefish Grill-Memphis, TN

The Mash sauce flavor is great,and then it kicks you in the a--! (To say it mildly!)Scott Tjadin from Otto Bock Industries, MN

"I don't just tastes GOOD!!! Michael Engel, C.P.A

My wife and I love the Mash sauce!  We even took it to dinner for my wife’s birthday at the Mexican restaurant! Love it! Mike Johnson with Friddle’s Orthopedic Appliances Honea Path, SC 29654

"I mix Spicy Island Jalapeno with a little ranch dressing to make a dipping sauce for turkey cutlets. I also like it on top of my eggs. Have used it on several things, but those two are my favorite way."

Michelle White, Memphis, TN

We've started early with the hot sauce.  
Regina & Roberts Son-2 yr old

I am totally loving Habanaro Haven and Explosive BBQ, been using them on lots of different foods,

MMMMMM!!!! Scott Tjaden, RTP Product Support Specialist, Prosthetics/Fabrication

Yo Doc,

    It was great to see you Saturday. Thank you so much for the "Jade" and the "Hab Heaven" as well. I incorporated some of the Jade into a spaghetti "gravy" I made today and it added an unbelievable extra layer of flavor to my sauce. I don't think I'd make another pasta sauce without it now.

    I want to get the ball rolling on these signature sauces for the restaurant. I am really wanting to spread the "gospel" of your sauces because I wholeheartedly believe that there is nothing out there in the marketplace that comes close to the quality of your sauces. Anyone can bottle an institutional blend of heat and cheap vinegar; your sauces on the other hand are complex and each variety truly has it's own palate personality.

    You are far beyond the realm of the novelty style hot sauces that are typically sold in New Orleans and Gatlinburg style tourist traps. There's a reason so many of those come with a little key chain or baby alligator claw, to distract you from the swill inside the cute $12-$15 bottle.

On fire,

Sean L. Alford, Chef

High Point Pizza

We used Peach Ember on our Salmon. It was great! I bet it would be good with any of the other Doc's sauces too. Something to try for another night :) Pam & Jerry Schiffbauer, Pine Mountain Valley, GA

Ric at Epperly Tires: "I used Peach Ember on my ribs and steak on the grill.

Just brushed it on and everyone just loved it!

"Doc, Thank you for the hot sauces sent to OPIE Support. They are the absolute BEST

hot sauces I have EVER had!!! :

D. Nancy M. at OPIE Software,

Gainesville, FL

"The sauces brighten the taste on anything we eat! It livens the food, brings out the true flavors making us want to go back for more." Doc's brother Scott & his wife Patty, Hamilton, OH

Reducer and Habanero Heaven are my classic favorites. The Mash is great for the true heat lover. The Nuts are addicting!

Zack, Memphis, TN

"Pay heed to the label warning. High addictive potential and not for the meek. The taste will have you coming back for more. Perfect for camping trips too!" Jamey & Paige, Canfield, OH

One morning while in Memphis, Doc stopped at a family owned business "Brother Junipers" for breakfast.  He enjoyed the homemade pecan blueberry pancake along with the Mediterranean omelette.  Doc met the owner Jonathan, family, staff & several customers.  He and Jonathan shared stories & hot sauces.  Peach Ember was drizzled on the omelette as well as the pancake.  Most excellent people & breakfast in Memphis.

"Doc's hot sauce is the way it should be...flavorful and smooth on the front end with a burst of

heat in the end." Leo, Memphis, TN

I love the Peach Ember hot sauce…it is great & I think I am addicted! I use it on everything!!

Amy, CBWS Realtor-Cincinnati, Ohio

"Docs Reducer was my first experience on Sushi and way too hot for me, but Ruby Red is absolutely amazing and just the right heat!"

Christiana Cox- Top sales rep with 

I am not a fan of "Super Hot" sauces. Ruby Red was the perfect heat and flavor for me!

Ms. Andree Sterling-Local 12 Assignment Editor

The nuts were gone quickly and I use a variety of the sauces you all have sent me from time to time in soups, chili and other things a lot. Love that hot stuff. Harold Sides, from Columbus, GA

Oh we are DEFINITELY enjoying Spicy Island & Rush !!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!! I love the Spicy Island Jalapeno on my hamburgers and hot dogs...and I really enjoyed the almonds! those were super yummy

and they smell and taste great.

I ate them with my coffee in the morning!

Christine Salinas, Illinois

Holy smokes!! You guys don't play around! That is one hot sauce, Reducer!! Very tasty, but I don't think my wife, Terri, will be able to handle it.

I can still feel the sensation of heat 15 minutes

later, and I just tasted a tiny amount.

Have a feeling this bottle is going to last a while. Really nice selection on your site, too!

The Peach Ember really sounds good!

Steve Bernstein, NV

Hey Doc! That Jerky and Sauce is wonderful!!! I would love another of the same amount of Jerky

when ya' whip up another batch.

Thanks again for the last batch! Can't get enough.

I have a friend opening a place in town who just so happens to love the Ghost-anero, Peach Mash, and I'm pushing him to buy some when he opens his doors...ya' just can't get quality 

sauce like that anywhere else...

Love Zack Martin, Memphis, TN

I wanted to thank you so much for the hot sauce basket for my graduation. I love your hot sauces, it's pretty much a staple in everything we eat!

The nuts & jerky are delicious too! My family enjoyed everything as they attacked the basket after my graduation party. I hope to see you both soon and thanks again!



Love, Garre

Doc, the Peach Ember on fried catfish with grits!!! YUM! Laua C. from Alexander City, ALA

Peach Mash made the Mexican restaurant salsa complete last night. Sterling & Mary G. from

"Five Points Berries",

Marion County, GA., proprietor

Put Docs Peach Ember on red beans.  You need a warning label. A little is great, a lot is a 4 alarm fire. Mucho good.......Ron & Janet B., GA

I have not been a big hot sauce fan, but I love this sauce on my eggs in the am.  Thanks very much for your help!  Michele  (a new fan!)

Thanks for the Spicy Island Jalapeno.

That is some good Hot Sauce.  

Chris...Mail Carrier

Our son-in-law loved the Ghost-Anero hot sauce....little too spicy for me...LOL.

Angie B. Realtor

"After eating Doc's sauces, nothing else compares." Ronnie & Lisa, Memphis, TN

My wife and I broke out the hot sauce, and tried it on Cole Slaw and Beef Stew last night and Eggs this morning.  Both of us give it thumbs up reviews.  It really has a good flavor and just the right amount of heat to suit our taste. 

Glenn J. (mailcarrier)

Tell Doc I like his Spicy Island Jalapeno sauce. Yummy! GARRY DODDS, Florida

Skips REPLY TO HIM -That stuff that comes from

Mrs. Doc's kitchen may be habit forming!

Greg Martin says about his Private Label order: "Thanks so much I love this order!"

Doc. The sauce is great (Peach Ember). I put 3 drops in my lamb sauce. Very very good. A little goes a long way...will try it in my shrimp cocktail sauce tomorrow at lunch. Mary just had Spicy Island on a thick pork chop with applesauce. Loved it, her favorite so far. Sterling & Mary G. from Five Points Berries, Marion County, GA., proprietor

The "cool nights" hot sauce is delicious. We went through the entire bottle in just a few days. We used Cool Nights on

burritos and eggs.

The Sweet nuts we ate by themselves and put some hot sauce on them as well.

Thanks. Luke & Marta S., Columbus, GA

We had taco salad tonight and it was a perfect opportunity to try the Explosive BBQ sauce.  It was awesome.  I love the flavor of habaneros. 

Thanks again!  

Phil B., Eclipse Title, LLC, Peachtree City, GA

The hot, sweet, honey glazed pecans are GREAT this season. They sure are Spicy!! They deserve a XXX rating!! :)

Thanks again for all your hard work!

Zack, Memphis, TN

I love Jade Burst on Asian style dishes best because of its unique flavor. It seems to pair well because of the spice notes and the bright spices.  I also love to mix Jade Burst with plain yogurt as a dip for chicken or in sandwich wraps. Also, adds depth to beef stew.                                    Jennifer B., GA

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