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"Mean Green"  #DHH-53

"Mean Green" #DHH-53

Just when we thought we had it hot enough with Doc's Ghost-Anero, Doc wanted another Green sauce that was hotter than Doc's Jade Burst.  Introducing Doc's MEAN GREEN.  It may look harmless and may even trick you to thinking this sauce isn't that hot until you've eaten a few bites with food, it starts to slowly creep up on you to let you know you were wrong! With the same finely blended and uniquely flavorful combination of ghost (Bhut Jolokia) and habanero peppers.  The gradual elevation of heat accompanied by its intensely addictive flavor, results in a powerful systemic euphoria just like Ghost-Anero only more intensely.  
This is definitely another one of our most unique sauces, but of course all of them are, it just depends on your taste and heat range tolerance. Our research and taste testing of hundreds of sauces has yet to find one comparable. Why buy the rest when you can experience the best? Pace yourself!

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