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Make a positive impression for someone special in your life.   You will find a variety of Premium gift baskets to choose from below.   All baskets are recylable for use over and over again.    Doc's Mug is included in the Large and small baskets, along with a variety of products to tantilize any taste buds!    Baskets will be available and personalized for any occasion throughout the year.   

IDEAS for Gift Baskets will be available all year:

Corporate Functions, Business, Business Associates, Appreciation, Thank You's, Weddings, Anniversaries, Reunions, Friends, Birthdays, Special Occasions, Holidays! 

 Just to mention a few, anything you can think of, these baskets will be long remembered!

Please note that baskets may vary in content due to availability.  

Gift Baskets are a great way to show

how much someone means to you.

With Doc's sauces, they are sure to please the

hardest person to buy anything for!

Great for Any Occassion

Personalized Wood Crates - click on the Picture to view......>

Engraved wood crates for that "someone whose hard to buy for".  Great for all occassions!

By popular demand & now available is this attractive

Wooden Crate basket that fits 4 of Doc's sauces.   

Either order the crate ENGRAVED for $15.00, with a

personal touch for that special person, couple or family.

Or just say THANK YOU with their name,

and order separately 3-4 of Doc's sauces to fill it.  

- or -

Choose the plain crate without engraving for $8.00

and if you desire, order separately three to four of

Doc's sauces to complete it.   


Click on the pictures to the left to order the crate of choice.  Follow the instructions below and we will

take care of it from there!

Follow this link to set up

Instructions:  Wood Crates of your choice




Our Premium Large Basket is filled to the brim and beyond!  It is packed full with Doc's Mug, four (4) varieties of Doc's Hot sauces, Jam, cheese, jerky and other delicious treats and gifts. It will be greatly enjoyed and appreciated by any recipient.

This basket features: Reducer, Heavenly Habanero, Explosive BBQ & Jade Burst. (NOTE: Contact us if you'd like a different sauce or add a sauce.  If adding, you will just the order by adding the additional item separately :)

All inside a SEA GRASS Wire Basket, with bow.  If you wish to include a card when sending it directly, please be specific in the info when ordering, and state exactly what you want it to say.  Note: Contents may vary slightly due to availability.


Corporate Functions, Business, Business Associates, Appreciation, Thank You's, Weddings, Anniversaries, Reunions, Friends, Birthdays, Special Occasions or Holidays.

 Just to mention a few with anything you can think of,

this basket will be remembered for a long time!

This Sea Grass Basket is UNAVAILABLE at this time 

Wood Crate 2

Sea Grass basket is UNAVAILABLE at this time

Doc's Medium size  SEA GRASS wire Basket has a variety of two (2) of Doc's medium heat sauces, and other goodies too good to resist!  

Note: Contents may vary slightly

due to availability.  

Hot Heat-in a Medium SEA GRASS Basket DHH-64


MED. Heat-in a Medium SEA GRASS Basket DHH-65

Wicker is UNAVAILABLE  at this time 

Doc's Medium Size WICKER Basket has a variety of three (3) of Doc's sauces, and other goodies too good to resist!  

Use the bowl for Doc's Peanut Butter Dip Recipe.

Topped with a hand made bow and Gift Tag.

Note: Contents may vary slightly due to availability. 

HOT Heat- in a MEDIUM Size Basket DHH-62  

OR choose 


Medium Heat - in a MEDIUM Size Basket DHH-61 


This Basket is UNAVAILABLE at this time

Simple Pleasures Basket is designed for someone

who needs some recognition, care package or to

just let them know they are loved.  You decide what you want goes into this simple pleasures basket.

Includes one of Doc's sauces, jam or jelly,

candy and crackers.


Basket & items may vary due to availability

DHH-69  Simple Pleasures Medium Heat Basket


DHH-68  Simple Pleasures Hot Heat Basket


The Whatever Bag can be used for a multitude of items.  In this case Doc's sauce fits perfectly inside!  

Limited Quantites on this item.

Children could use them for pencils or gadgets.  

Whatever you can think of.....

Hide something valuable, or whatever you can think of, then let someone find it with a surprise

some day!

This Basket is UNAVAILABLE at this time

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