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For Special CUSTOMIZED Labels not shown here:


        We offer a customized label at a minimal one time SETUP Fee per picture of $40.00.

        First, place your Custom Set Up order below and your favorite Sauce Order below and in your email (comments) please attach any artwork, logo or image in a 'jpg' format that you want on your custom label.

        Include special instructions on how you would like your label layout to look. Example: background color, text color, any slogans under picture/logo, etc. Be as specific as possible so the graphics team can create the best possible label proof to what you have in mind. A sample below is provided to show you the amount of space available for the items.

      Please note the white space around the label. That is a void area that will not show in the actual print.


NOTE: Please use discretion for photos and your wording as we will not produce anything inappropriate.  This is a family oriented webiste.  Thank you.


     If you are choosing to go with a personalized private label, we will work on it and email the proof back to you within a few days. Once you approve your Private Label proof, your Private Label Sauce will be printed and shipped within a few days of receipt.


Review the Sample Labels and Sample Private Labels to get an idea for your Custom label #DHH56 Custom Private Label Orders


You can transform this label into a Custom Private Label that will not only impress your event but Docs Sauces will also lend a great hand for the occassion.

After you order your

One-Time Custom Set Up Fee (until you change your picture) at the right in the picture, review the different styles of some of our SAMPLE Labels and choose what you want for a label with your picture.  

Then go to the link called:

"Your Private Label Order Hot Sauce"  link to place your order

#DHH-56 C

Custom -One Time per New Label SETUP Fee

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